What if wearing swimwear could help clean the oceans…?

One of the biggest improvements in fashion these days is transparency and accountability – what price are we paying to look and feel good?

From the labour used to make the product, the fabric that it’s produced from, the distance it travels to reach us, and the packaging it comes in, there’s usually a heavy price on the environment to make us feel good on the beach or in the pool.

Well, our swimwear brand lives by the belief that looking good shouldn’t be at the expense of the world around us, that we can feel great in good-looking and durable swimwear without it costing the earth. 

Seapia is a brand with the welfare of the oceans at its heart, and the spirit of adventure in its soul. Using a fabric produced from recycled fishing nets and other post-consumer plastic waste, designed and made in Sydney and using organic packaging and sustainable products throughout the process, our hope is to leave as small a footprint on our beaches as possible.

We believe that now we have found a way to make beautiful swimwear from sustainable resources, buying anything else is just irresponsible.