Seapia is a brand with respect for our planet at its heart, and a celebration of beauty in its soul.

Seapia reflects the tropical style of Costa Rica, the birth place of the brand's founder Fiorella Castro. Fiorella's diverse fashion background and love of nature has given her a unique perspective on life, leading to this iconic range of swimwear with a Latin American heart and a high tech, low-impact structure.

We see swimwear as an all-year-round proposition, perfect for both hemispheres.

Seapia loves all things nature and all things fashion. A pretty hard combination to do right. We use a beautiful fabric called Econyl®. It is produced starting from pre and post consumer plastics, otherwise destined to landfill, which are transformed into a new polymer first and then into brand new yearn, ideal for the creation of high performance fabrics.

So by using materials carefully selected for their low impact on the environment, we can give back to the world without compromising on beauty and style, which provides a unique and rewarding experience for the wearer.


TREAD LIGHTLY - we minimise waste and recycle to lower our carbon footprint.

CONNECT - we are nice and treat everyone with respect.

TRANSPARENCY - we have nothing to hide, from our supply chain to our manufacturers.

THE CHANGE - life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s a stage for all of us to create change.


Size Chart

 We use Australian sizing. Please see the table below.

If you have any queries regarding the fit of our garments please contact us on

We'd love to help you get the correct size and fit!