Our art work gets printed the sustainable way

Our art work gets printed the sustainable way

October 29, 2019

We are thoughtful in every process of our sustainable swimwear production. We source our suppliers and make sure that they work ethically and responsibly towards the environment.

Our swimwear fabric printer, Sublitech,  produces prints with the environment in mind. They use a technique called sublimation, where the design gets printed on paper and then onto the swimwear cloth, we use a recycled polyester base.

We headed to get our strike-off and was greeted by Nate the Dog...

staffie dog

which approved of our design...

pantone colour card on printed fabricdog wearing bandana

...and which followed us whilst Peter, the owner, showed us around and explained to us the exact process of getting our swimsuits printed. The very important thing is that they use water soluble inks, that are chemical free that don't pollute the environment.

inks in fridge

So you can feel good about not contributing to more pollution in our waterways and also your skin will be thankful when you wear one of our onepiece swimsuits or bikinis.

printing machine

These are the paper printers and the amazing digital cutter. The patterns are digitised to ensure minimal waste and then printed inside the actual pattern piece, consuming less ink per swimsuit. Being a person who loathes waste, this got me very excited.

Our next job is to chose from one of the many tests we did. They are all looking great. This type of printing means that the print on you swimsuit will have amazing bright colours that won't fade easily, as the ink goes through the fibre of the fabric.

swimsuit on top of print designs

So when you wear one of our printed swim pieces either in chlorine or salt water, the colour will stay looking brand new for a long time.

...and of course, Nate followed us out to the door...we almost took him home.

Nate the Dog


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