recycled cardboard packing materials for our sustainablebikini

How your bikini is packed to help minimise our carbon footprint

October 16, 2019

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Your bikini has a packing history. Before ordering a bikini online, you need to consider how it will get to you. 

Your Seapia sustainable bikini is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, put in a compostable, 100% biodegradable/waste free bag, made by Hero Packaging or Better Packaging . These bags are able to be composted at home or if they end up in landfill they will break down leaving no waste.

compostable bagfront of compostable bag

If there are a few items we ship the swim pieces a cardboard box made from recycled card, these boxes are sealed with our logo sticker, printed on recycled paper.

When we do Pop Up stores, our sustainable bikini goes in a recycled paper bag. Most of our customers opt for no bag, no wrapping. All of our collateral material is also printed on recycled card.

recycled cardboard packaging materials for swimwear

For our online orders, your address is printed on a sticker that in the future will be made from recycled Kraft paper. Our branded tag is a bit of a no-no, it's been printed on a coated card and the cotton thread is sorry planet but we were a little ignorant when considering these, a long way before launching Seapia and also very optimistic in our forecast of sales and ordered thousands...

This is a dilemma we face, do we maintain our company ethos by only using responsible sustainable and recycled materials at the cost of disposing materials already bought? We have decided to keep using these until they are exhausted and then rectify our mistake.

Your Seapia bikini will then be shipped by our courier Sendle which is a "carbon neutral" courier, that means that they pick up unwanted inventory to fill our pick up orders, a bit like sharing an Uber, so your parcel will get picked up on the way to another job. They usually pick up the next day but if running late we need to understand why.

Need to swap for another size/style? you can use the same bag your bikini came in.

Just remember, careful consuming is key.


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