Connecting you to our swimsuit maker

Connecting you to our swimsuit maker

November 19, 2019

It is really important to be able to trace the provenance of whatever product you are consuming, from food to clothing, to our swimwear. At Seapia we are very transparent about our production process.

When in the middle of production the last thing I think about is to take a selfie. This time around I remembered, so here is May, the main maker of our ALMA one piece swimsuit, that is yet to go into our online store.

That's me on the left and May on the right.

two ladies one a swimsuit maker holding pink fabric

This swimsuit has been painstakingly produced. We used all our left-over rolls of our sustainable Econyl® fabric and we endevoured to cut most of it by hand.

An amazing palette of colours were used as the main fabric and as lining of this new style. Matching each different colour to each different size took a lot of patience and concentration.

The result was a small production run with 6 different colours all lined in different coloured fabric.

May needs to be commended for doing a fantastic job and for helping us at Seapia bring you an even more sustainable swimsuit - made thoughfully from (almost) waste fabric, the ethical way.



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